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WHAT: UNM CE/ASM Trainings through JTA

WHEN:  Wed. 8/13, 2024 at noon

WHERE: Zoom – register will be at link below


Job Training Albuquerque (JTA) is a workforce development program that provides opportunities for the local workforce to gain necessary skills in order to fill gaps and meet the workforce needs of existing and potential employers.

JTA provides an opportunity for Albuquerque employers to skill up their workforce and provides an opportunity for employees to gain high-demand skills and industry specific credentials. JTA is a partnership between the City of Albuquerque and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). Program funding is provided by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department and is administered by CNM Ingenuity.

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Training in Technology

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Training in Leadership and Business Management

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Training in Healthcare

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Other Industry Trainings

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Job Training Albuquerque is a workforce development program that connects qualified Albuquerque employers with free training opportunities for their employees.